Die Songs laden zum Tanzen ein, machen den Alltag bunter und verbreiten mit tiefgängigen Texten Freude am Leben. Das Album Valleys & Hills beschreibt eine Reise mit Höhen und Tiefen und motiviert weiterzugehen auch wenn man im Leben manchmal vor riesigen Bergen steht und keinen Ausweg sieht. Viel Spaß beim Reinhören:

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Lyrics – Valleys & Hills


In this controlled world

Are you alive or are you just a slave

To all the things that try to hold you

And control you

And want to influence your life

Don’t be radio controlled

Let your heart decide

Start thinking, now living your own life

Don’t be radio controlled

Let your heart decide

Stand up!

This is the war of change

In this controlled world

Break free, go straight on,

Change your mind and stop being blind

Make a difference

Create a new age

Let’s start writing history tonight

Don’t be afraid ‘cause

It’s not too late yet

Take a risk

The best is yet to come!


There will be times when life gets tough

And times when you don’t want to stand up

Life is not all guns & roses

Life’s not always easy

Never give up

Don’t let it get you down

Let the joy back in your life

And dance until the sun will rise

Wake up ‘cause you’re alive

You’re about to thrive

Come on, don’t be so dumb

We go cray until our feet get numb

The time of mourning is over now

Let’s celebrate!

When you think you’ve hit rock bottom

And you feel so valueless

Focus on the one who gives new purpose

He’ll never let you down

He’ll always be around

Highs and lows are nothing out of the ordinary

Like ebb and the flow

Every night is followed by the daybreak

Hang in there, cheer up

Better days are ahead!

Let us rejoice and sing his name

We wanna celebrate and sing

Let us rejoice and sing his name

For the one who reigns forever

We wanna celebrate and sing

To the One who reigns forever


Let’s start a party in your life

‘Cause we are saved by endless grace

We wanna dedicate with all we have

Our hearts cannot stay silent

Love came from heaven down to earth

Payed on the cross

He shed his blood for us

Let’s sing and dance forever

Redeemed, set free, alive

We bounce bounce bounce to praise the Lord

And we shout shout shout to give him glory

Our God is great and now we want to celebrate

Our God is stronger than the grave

Sin is defeated

His love has overcome

For he has made a way

And we are called his children

We want to celebrate our God

Come on and praise with all you’ve got

Turn up this sound of praise

And shout his name forever

We blow the roof tonight


You are the voice inside of me

When there’s nothing left to hear

You show me ways when I can’t see

Your plans are good for me

Turn turn turn it up

Make it louder

You are the voice that I will follow

Keep keep keep it up

Let it play and

You’ve got the beat to whom I will be dancing

When I am blind You make me see

When I am deaf You give me a melody

You are the sound inside of me

When I’ve forgotten how to sing

You bring the sun into my life

Even if clouds fill up the sky

I don’t make a noise

To listen to You

My God that’s my choice

When You lift Your voice

Than I will be jumpin’

My feet will be stumpin’

My heart will be pumpin’

Your tender whisper hits like explosion

My soul sings with joy

My heart is wide open

And I can feel this endless peace

This melody that I am free

I’m free to jump, to praise and sing

Free to proclaim, hail to the King

Free to love, hope and believe

Free to praise eternally


I search the reason of life

I search why I am here

I search my own identity

Where do I come from?

What’s my destination ?

Who will I ever be?

The struggle’s all around

These doubts chain my feet

I set my goals

But always fail again

When the darkness fades away

And the night turns into day

The light will find a way in my life

I will shine bright

Brighter than the sunlight
Fill up the whole earth

Set all hearts on fire

Become a big star on the dark night sky

So I will shine bright

I found a reason to live

I found the sense of life

I found my own identity

Don’t care about tomorrow

No doubts anymore

No fear of being not enough

All I wanna do

Is just to be myself

And break free from all I have to be


All that this world offers me

Is nothing in compare to your love

That You gave for me

Open up my eyes to see

The things that are concealed

What no eye has seen and no ear has heard

You have prepared for me

All that this world offers me

Fades away like grains of sand

Or dry leaves in the wind

Without Your love I’m nothing but a shipwreck

On the shore

Like an empty voice and a hollow noise

That slowly fades away

Show me Your splendor

Give me eyes to see

Show me Your splendor

Reveal Your heart to me

Show me Your splendor

Give me eyes to see

Show me Your splendor

And speak to me


When I’m broken and down

When my knees hit the ground

When I’m tired and can’t carry on

My heart longs for a home

To see You on the throne

My heart longs for a place of my own

When I’m losing my grip

And I stumble and slip

And I can’t carry on, on my own

My heart longs for a home

To see You on the throne

My heart longs for a place of my own

A place where I can take a rest

Just lean back and catch a breath

Oh I’m heading home

Yes I’m heading home

I wanna go far away

Far away I won’t stay

I won’t stop until I have found my home

Have forgotten where I came

Where’s my home?

What’s my name?

But still my heart knows where it belongs

I’m coming home – right where I am from

I’m coming home – right where I belong

I’m coming home – right where I am from

I’m coming home – right where I belong

I’m going back to that start

I follow my heart

Running into your arms

Finally where I belong

I’m going back to the start

I follow my heart

I am so glad to come home

I’ve found a place of my own

I‘m coming home


What are you living for in your life?

Is it something you can stand for

Or something you want to hide?

What are you thinking about in the night?

When you’re laying wide awake

And you cannot close your eyes?

Hold on, be strong

Believe the best is yet to come

You’re worth more than you ever know

So keep in your mind

Hey! You are so beautiful

Nothing can replace you

You are unbelievable

You don’t have to hide yourself

What are you longing for in your life?

Is it something that makes you happy

Or something that gives you joy

What are you leaving when you’re dead?

Are you the one who writes the story

Or the man they just forget?

Hey! You are so beautiful

Nothing can replace you

You are unbelievable

You don’t have to hide yourself

You are individual

Go on and live your dream

You are incredible

I long for more of you

You’re my rising sun

You’re the one I run to

And one day I will wipe away

Every tear from your eyes

You are so valuable


You are unstoppable


You’re so Indescribable

Simply Incredible

Endless beautiful


I have the future in front

My past behind

The world goes down

There’s nothing on my mind

Catch a glimpse of the ocean

Feel the wind around me

Want to reach the horizon

Feel clouds at my feet

Come on run to life

Forget who I was

See how I was meant to be

Nothing holds me back

This life sets me free

See a new world rising

All dreams come true

This way is my purpose

I’m longing for you

Feel the ocean around me

I run with the waves

Leave the world behind

All clouds fade away

Move forward

Step by step

There’s nothing I regret




I feel this struggle within me

That won’t leave me alone

I can’t do anything

It tears me up inside

But now I wanna dance

Because you’ve freed me from the prison of myself

Your words awakened me

They’re branded on my heart

You said:

Arise! Awake! The night is over!

Come on and feel that you’re alive

Seize the day

Live in the moment

So get up and dance!

I’m gonna dance now

This is the way how

Can you feel it?

Just wanna dance!

I can remember that feeling

But my heart is has gone cold

Everything quakes in me

And I start to move to the beat

Overcome by your beauty

My heart it wants to shout

Overwhelmed by your goodness

I want to share, cry out


Love beyond measure

The pain in the ashes

My life begins tonight

I can’t hide

I can’t describe

The feeling that’s inside

It’s powerful and gives me strength

To walk up straight every length

I see the lights above in the sky

Showing me the way I’ve never tried

There’s still love in the world

I’ve found a reason for what I’m worth

The reason is just love

Now love is my victory

And pain is my history

I’m strongly alive now

The world is sick of empty hearts

Want to be filled by this endless love

The love you get

Should be the love you give

To all the people around you

Be free and take your chance

Come alive and break the chains

The sadness is over

The party begins

Be free and take your chance

Come alive and break the chains

Throw up your hands

Feel free to dance


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